Posted by: mylifeofcrime | September 18, 2021

Idiot of the Day: Lori Desjardins charged with assault for slapping a Navy sailor and calling him fake

Lori Desjardins

I saw this video the other day and am still appalled at her. She slaps this Navy sailor and says he is a disgrace and was wearing a fake uniform. Mind you, he IS a Navy sailor. What set her off? I don’t know, but she sounded drunk (in my opinion) or she is just plain stupid. He didn’t do anything to her. She just yells at him then slaps him in the face. Apparently she did admit to the police that she had been drinking and was “not in the right frame of mind”. Well, she will have to think about it while answering to the charges. In my opinion, she is not sorry for what she did, just that she got caught and the video went viral. How embarrassing is that? Oh yeah, she also got fired from her job for this incident.

Woman who accused Navy sailor of wearing fake uniform arrested, charged with assault
Woman Accused of Assaulting Navy Sailor at Berlin Pizza Shop Charged
Assault Investigation / BPD Case # 2100020582

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