Posted by: mylifeofcrime | August 2, 2021

Please help Harley, if you can :)

Let’s help Harley, please. He seems to be a bit lackluster(?) today, not his normal self. We go to the vet on Wed. and I truly hope he makes it that long. He is still quite affectionate, however! Such a lovie. Great kitty.

The infection and disease in his mouth is horrible and he could lose his mandible. Not sure if the tumor is cancerous yet because they have to do surgery first to remove it. This is what happens when you abandon pets and leave them to survive on their own. But now he is in his furever home and sage. We love him do much. Thank you so much to everyone that had helped do fat. We love you too!!

I added a photo to the GoFundMe where you can see the tumor better. It has really grown. It is about 50% larger.

My kitty, Harley, is having some infection and mouth issues. Unfortunately I need to try to raise the money to get him healthy again.

Here is my gofundme for him:

Harley’s gofundme

If you can help, that would be great. Thanks!


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    Please help Harley, as Bonnie’s been a great friend and supporter of mine.

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