Posted by: mylifeofcrime | May 6, 2017

Kirstie Cullen and her boyfriend, Christopher Stanley – should NEVER be allowed to have children again

Christopher Stanley and Kirstie Cullen

Okay, I hope these two are never allowed to have children again. Ever. They have been arrested for a severe case of child abuse involving her 3-year-old son. He had bruises all over, severe damage to his throat, a body temperature 12 degrees lower than it should be, and he was malnourished. The boy was blue and lethargic, in a bathtub of cold water. Ms. Cullen waited one hour for Mr. Stanley to come home, then waited for a ride to the hospital. What???? What kind of mother does that? If your child was blue and lethargic, wouldn’t you call 911? She said she had to wait for her phone to charge, but c’mon, she could have talked on it while it charged. A real mother would have done ANYTHING to protect her child, from harm or sickness. But I guess this rules her out because she and Mr. Stanley have apparently abused him (he had signs of old injuries, besides the bruises and throat damage. Plus she did admit to hitting him. But he was also malnourished, which I don’t understand. Again, a real mother would have done something here. Like feed the child. Most mothers I know would give up their own food to make sure that their child ate. I just don’t get mothers like this. And she best not use the excuse that she did not have money for food. Easy to shoot down. I am sure that there are places to get help in these situations. I bet these two will turn on each other soon. Watch and see.

Central Falls couple charged with abusing toddler
Two arrested for severe child abuse in Central Falls
Court documents describe injuries suffered by 3-year-old Central Falls boy



  1. I no kristie personally and the 2 children were not father by the boyfriend but the abuse has been happening for a long time kristie lived in a shelter and when the abuse was reported to shelter staff they looked the other way truly sad. She also had dcf involvement while in the shelter but they closed the case ..also very sad they couldn’t see what was really going on I pray these kids as they are the sweetness like kids you could ever meet

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