Posted by: mylifeofcrime | April 22, 2017

Idiot of the Day: William Crum swerved into a motorcycle on purpose, and now will go to prison, on purpose

William Crum seems to hate people. Well, more than most do. He has a history of violence, including threatening children and domestic violence. Now, he is going to prison for purposely swerving his car into a motorcycle with 2 riders, because they were trying to pass him on the solid yellow line. And that is such a good reason to try to kill 2 people, isn’t it? Yeah, he is an idiot. In the video of the incident, he is questioned and he kept saying he did not care that he hit them and they might be really hurt. Both riders had some injuries, but they were okay in the end, physically. Emotionally, I don’t know. How do you deal with someone intentionally trying to kill you for such a silly reason. Yes, it is illegal to pass on the solid line, but it happens and you might give them the finger, but you let it go. Unless you are William Crum. In another incident, he threatened the children in his neighbor and told them to “get off his     road”. He even held a gun on them and chased them with his car. They believed he wanted to kill them. That is a good childhood memory to have. Well, now he will have 15 years in prison to think of his thoughts and behaviors, although I doubt he will. If he comes out of prison alive (he is 69) he will probably be more angry than before. Here’s hoping for a good ending.

Driver arrested after car veers into motorcycle, hurting 2
Suspect in Granbury motorcycle accident threatened youths in 2007
Man who swerved into motorcyclists in viral video sent to prison
69-year-old gets 15 years in prison for road rage assault




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    A idiot is always an Idiot

  2. A idiot is Always an idiot

  3. Some people are sick – I don’t know that he is an idiot so much as someone who has not learnt anger management. Good that he is now locked up and will be an old man when he comes out.

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