Posted by: mylifeofcrime | July 3, 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge

Hi! I am doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I started 7 days ago. Here is what I posted so far:

Day One: My favorite hockey team, Chicago Blackhawks, make me smile.

coffee love2
Day Two: Coffee always makes me smile – hot or cold day, it does not matter.

Blossom 629143
Day Three: My Pukifee doll Blossom always makes me smile, with her infectious smile.

Graduation 20144
Day Four: April and Damien always makes me smile. I love them so very much.

Bonnie Pop Cathy5
Day Five: Me, my dad and my sissy from back in the day! Around 1971, I think. I love them so much.

Day Six: Watching my kitty, Patty, sleep when she is so content makes me smile.

Sam and Carson7
Day Seven: My neighbor’s children (they are family to me) makes me smile, especially watching them play together! This is Sam and Carson.

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