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Collier County Florida Jail has some truly heartless people running it

joan-laurel-smallSay you go to jail, for a traffic ticket, probation violation, etc. It happens. Not everyone in jail is a predator or violent offender. Not all are a danger to society. Some just broke the law and this is what happens. And that is what happened to Joan Laurel Small. She was in jail for a parole violation. And she was like 7 1/2 months pregnant. She had some problems with the pregnancy and told jail officials when she was brought in. She and her boyfriend were very excited about becoming parents, even down to picking out names for the baby. Instead, inside the jail, tragedy struck. And it could have been prevented if not for the jail officials. Joan started to leak amniotic fluid. She told someone, what did they do? Nothing. She should have gone to the hospital immediately, but they did nothing. Finally, the next day, they gave her an ultrasound, which showed that the baby was now dead. So, of course the jail helped her then, right? NO. She remained in the jail, with her dead baby STILL INSIDE OF HER. Now, that is just wrong. It is neglect and also, in my opinion, very malicious. Anyone would know that not delivering the dead baby is physically harmful to the mother and also emotionally harmful to her. It took her lawyer getting a Judge to order her release to get the jail to take her to the hospital to deliver the baby. Of course, when they did, there was no amniotic fluid left, so the baby could not have survived anyway. One of the worst things said was by Chief Scott Salley of the Collier County Jail:

“Medically and administratively, everything was followed by policy,” Salley said, adding that logs show she was provided with “adequate” health care. “There was nothing out of the ordinary about her ailment.”

So apparently it is not out of the ordinary to have a dead 7 1/2 month old fetus inside of a woman. I sure hope he can medically and scientifically prove that, because Dr. Gary Helmbrecht of Virginia, a member of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists who testifies as a fetal medical expert, says otherwise. He said it was harmful to her. In fact, when she finally delivered the baby, she already showed signs of sepic shock. But I guess Chief Sulley thinks that is normal and not out of the ordinary. He needs to remember that just because she was an inmate did not mean that she was not human. I realize that many people believe people in jail don’t deserve anything, but proper medical treatment is a right that all human beings deserve, in jail or not. Obviously the jail is going to defend itself and say stuff like, she did not complain about the leakage or pain, etc. But taped phone calls and notes from medical staff say otherwise. Wonder if that evidence will disappear. However, any treatment PRIOR to this is not the point. The point is what happened after she told them she was leaking fluid. And when they KNEW she had a dead baby inside of her. Leaving that dead baby inside of her is outrageous and they cannot say they did not know about that. Period.

My heart goes out to Joan and her boyfriend for the loss of their child and for the horrific treatment she received by the Collier County Jail. I hope she sues the shit out of them and that they all, especially Chief Scott Salley.

Unborn child dies inside Collier County jail
Doctors deliver dead fetus from released inmate



  1. Jeez, Louise! If that doesn.t restore my faith un the Justice “system” I guess nothing will! How can they leave a woman wiht her dead child inside her? One hopes they would treat a stray mongrel that holed up minder their porch more humanely! I don’t care what she was accused of doing, or did DO for the Goddess’s sweet sake! NO ONE should suffer like that! Yup, I am mad, all right, but tell me, what can we humans do to change the way some of us treat others?

  2. Well, don’t get me wrong. I don’t side with the jail. And that is some terrible stuff that went on.

    But you the author. Wrote ” Not everyone in jail is a predator or violent offender. Not all are a danger to society. Some just broke the law and this is what happens. And that is what happened to Joan Laurel Small. She was in jail for a parole violation.”

    What are you writing? You start off on how this harmless girl……….

    She was in for a PAROLE violation.. Parole comes after PRISON.

    And no once agian, I do not agree with the jail.

    • so? just cause u went to prison doesn’t mean your a violent offender. dumbass!

  3. Selvol,

    Yes, she was in for a parole violation. That does not automatically make her a predator or violent offender does it? Is EVERYONE in prison in for violent offenses? And since I can’t find that she has actually ever been to prison in Florida, they probably meant probation violation, not parole. Unless it was for a different state.

    So, what information do you have that says she was a predator or violent offender? I personally do not believe she was.

  4. Selvol, What difference would it have made if she was convicted of a violent crime?? What did the baby do to deserve that kind of treatment?? Even violent offenders that are in prison should have proper medical treatment especially for that poor unborn infant!!!

    Everyone else, everyone involved in not getting her proper medical treatment should be charged with homicide. I am not belitting that poor childs life and I know nothing can make that poor couples pain any less but I hope that they sue the hell out of that state and I pray nothing that disgusting ever happens again!!!

  5. Yes, the other comments are correct. It really makes no difference what the person in jail for. And she should have been treated with the same rights as a little old lady the jaywalked. I was just a bit confused by the way the article started off.

    “Say you go to jail, for a traffic ticket, probation violation, etc. It happens. Not everyone in jail is a predator or violent offender. Not all are a danger to society. Some just broke the law and this is what happens. And that is what happened to Joan Laurel Small. She was in jail for a parole violation”

    Do you see what I see. How can an article be worded as such.
    Then toss in “Parole Violation”.

    I am not the one that started the whole innocent, violent, or other thing.

    Why even have the first couple of sentences in this article.

    Possibly the fools that were so upset by my comment should re-read the article and analyze the first paragraph.
    And see who suggested people that are Violent Criminals may have deserved this.


  6. As a guy that grew up in South Florida and as a si ngle parent I have had the distinct misfortune to have seen the inside of the jail, observed the ineptness and disconcern these jailers display in every aspect of human character. My personal experience reached a peak of anger and disgust at having to pick my son up after his arrest. the arrest and charges were enough to frustrate any parent and he is fighting them as he is innocent but along with that is the separate issue of his health and how he was treated. He is diabetic and has been since he was three. At the time of arrest he told the officer he was in need of his insolin as he just got off work and was but five houses away from home, it is printed on his drivers license yet the “nurse” at the jail refused to give him insolin, even after testing his blood sugar level at two separate time, first 300 and then over 400. By the time I got him out after eight hours of waiting for them to process his paperwork (misdemeanor) he was horribly sick. It took him three days to level his blood sugar and I can not tell you of the danger he was in, up to and including death. This county is so much controled by the police and courts I am afraid to make much of this until he gets clear fo the current charges as they will harass us until we leave, but be sure we will take this incident to the press and to the courts if just in hopes that they will learn to take care of people humanely as they continue to punish people who are considered guilty until proven inocent.

  7. man fuck collier county that jail and county is corrupted and its just ran by a bunch of rich wight people i would know i did time in that county and it is very corupted the funny thing is i thought about righting articles about this county and i defently aint the first

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