Posted by: mylifeofcrime | November 13, 2008

What is wrong with these people? 4 year old child starved to death – Aunt and Grandmother arrested and charged with his murder

austin-watkinsWhat??? I cannot wrap my mind around this. A grandmother, Janice Mowdy and an aunt, Stephanie Bell, actually starved this 4 year old child to death. The child had not eaten in about 2 weeks. Now, there were other children in the home and they had been fed. However, authorities believe that they were not fed regularly as well. But, according to a family member, the grandmother did not like Austin, which may have been the motive for the torture to this child. So, I ask you, what in the hell is wrong with these people? Starving a 4 year old child? I bet these 2 women would not like to be starved or tortured in any way. Why take out your personal issues on a small child? This child only wanted your love and attention and this is how you respond.  bell-and-mowdy

Of course, these women say they fed him, but I wonder what the other children would say? And the autopsy said otherwise. I will take science over their lying, self-serving words.

4-Year-Old Starved To Death; Grandmother, Aunt Charged
Grandmother, aunt charged in starvation death of child
Grandmother, aunt charged in boy’s starving death


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  2. Holy Mother! This is the stuff of nightmares! The mind boggles. Hpw vam such monsters be allowed to live? I sincerely hope they are not!

  3. Dear god, not feeding the child just bcuz they don’t like him? wats wrong with the world these days. Since I was young I had thought children the younger were always the ones that must b taught bcuz of their limitation of knowledge at that age. But now, mayb almost any1 can hv the limitation of knowledge, discipline and love? I had read the other blog about the really senseless teenagers kicking a kitten only weeks old. Seriously, I don’t mean 2 brag but I think, 4 some, as we get older, they get dumber.

  4. okay, I live in Morton Mississippi (Scott county). I can not believe something like this could happen in the county that I have grown up in my whole life. These women are sick. I know that everyone is shocked at just the words “a 4 year old starved to death” but I don’t think ppl actually grasp the severity of this case. When you hear that he was skin and bones….. They mean literally. Imagine a skeleton laying on a bed with no meat… No fat…. Just skin??? 19 pounds…. And he would have been 5 yesterday, Friday November 14 2008. This child was tortured by his grandmother and aunt?? A family member who was interviewed said that mowdy treated Austin this way because she dint believe he was her son’s (Kenny Watkins) child?? What does it matter?? How do you treat any human like that? This baby had bruises on his little wrist, hands, ankles and feet….. You know how a new born baby has the hair covering them to keep them warm??? This child at the age of five had grown this hair back….. Poor child…. My heart breaks for him and what he went through. I believe that someone at DHS should also be held responsible for what happened to this baby. At one point in time this child was with an amazing foster family who loved him and took care of him. DHS took Austin away from this family and have him back to his ….. Heartless…. Cold…. Grandmother…. If that is what you want to call her. I will call her a murderer. And they tried to say that they didn’tdqedtq know what had happened…. You stupid b*tche$. I wish there was a way that these two women could be starved for weeks… Even months, tied up, put in a room filled wit roaches so they would know how this baby boy felt as his organs were shutting down and he took his last breath…. As they were partying and getting drunk???

  5. Thank you for your post, I had not heard of this case. Thank you for shedding light on it. I am glad that the two have been charged. I cannot understand what goes on inside of people to be so nasty, cold, and heartless.

    I will say a prayer that this little one is resting softly in the arms of angels.

    just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  6. That is the only thing that gives me any relief is that this child is in the arms of God or angels. I have very horrible thoughts in my head about these two pieces of ****. Let me see them in person. If I go to jail, I know my mother (my son’s grandmother) would not starve my son to death because we are human, those woman are sick monsters who need to be totally tortured and destroyed, slowly.

  7. What in the hell is this world comming to? That poor child. Too bad we can’t put those two b’s in a room and starve and torture them! The aunt Brenda Peterson should be in prison right along with them because she is just as guilty! How could anyone see something like that going on and not do something about it?? What is wrong with this world?? RIP baby your suffering is over now.

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