Posted by: mylifeofcrime | November 11, 2008

Unbelievable and childish: Home Owners Association tells family to take down Christmas lights

barnes-family-laytonThe Barnes family in Layton, UT recently received a letter from their Home Owners Association telling them to take down their Christmas lights. They felt like putting them up early this year, which is actually not a crime! According to the letter:

The letter from the HOA said fellow homeowners, the Barnes’ neighbors, complained to the HOA about the certain decorations that “make loud noise” and “are excessively bright” that spew over into neighboring lots. Those decorations include three wire trees with lights, a reindeer that lights up, a grinch doll, and a music box from Home Depot.

Well, I guess if the lights reminded you of the Griswald’s, then I guess you would have a case. Or the music was like how I play my music, I would agree. But, KTVX Channel 4 decided to check it out for themselves.

ABC 4 went to the house twice on Thursday, once during the day and another at night, to check out the Barnes’ lawn decorations. ABC 4 was not able to pick up the music or any of the other noises on the camera microphone. Also, ABC 4 discovered that the light from the decorations did not emit into neighboring lots.

ALSO, the HOA for that neighborhood does not have any rules or clauses that prohit putting up the decorations early. The Barnes family has chosen to keep the decorations up and pay the $25 a month fine. I agree with their decision, too. But I do not believe that they should have to pay ANY fine. There are no written rules or regulations for this, so how can they enforce this? And I believe public opinion will be against them, especially with what KTVX found. Their findings disprove the complaints in the letter.

I am planning to go up to Layton soon and check this out myself. I will update this then with some pictures!

Home Owners Association tells family to take down Christmas lights


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