Posted by: mylifeofcrime | November 11, 2008

Some people are just disgusting!

jaime-perezWhen you go out to eat, whether it is a restaurant or a fast food place, you want it to be clean all around, including (or especially) the cooks. Well, for Burnet Police Chief Nelson, Andy’s Landing has 2 cooks that defy that. They decided to mess with his food while they were preparing it, including spitting in it, blowing their noses on it and other not so nice things. Well, apparently they forgot that the stupid, childish act was also a felony – tampering with a consumer product. Jaime Perez, 23, and James Ledesma, 33, were both arrested and charged with the incident, which could net them 20 years in prison for this ‘prank’. I hope that they are both proud of themselves. It takes real men to act like that.

Jaime Perez Is Nasty (very good post – tells it like it is!)
2 held after Burnet chief’s food allegedly tainted
Former chefs face prison time after contaminating food

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