Posted by: mylifeofcrime | November 10, 2008

Donald Davison Jr. fired *Bus driver drops off 9 year old girl on highway after she switches seats on the bus*

cyrena-medburyWhat is wrong with this person? I dare not call him a man, as a real man would not put a child deliberately in danger like this. Cyrena Medbury (pictured on the left) switched seats (without permission) on the bus on her way home from school. The driver, Donald Davison Jr., ordered her to get off of the bus. Can you imagine that? Talk about overreaction! If this was such a problem or against the rules, why not talk to the parents or the school? Donald, can you answer that?? Probably not. Anger management! You put a child in danger. I truly hope you are charged with child endangerment as well. If it was a parent or teacher, they would be. You were a person of authority for this child and had the responsibility to get her home safely. YOU FAILED.

Bus Driver Fired After Kicking Girl, 9, Off Bus for Changing Seats
Charges Possible Against Bus Driver Who Left Girl


  1. Donald you need a good old fashion ass whipping. I am more than happy to take my girls to school, crap like that is part of the reason why. You can find some good bus drivers but I would rather take them on my way to work and know they are safe.
    Donald you are a frigging jerk and I am glad you got fired but her dad should have whipped your sorry ass.

  2. that bus driver should get arrested what he did was wrong i hope he get’s all the punishment he deserves that girl could have been killed i am so pissed at the bus driver i hope he get’s beaten or shot by the police why didn’t she get dropped off at the school if i was her mom i would yell at him all bus drivers that drop young children on the roadside should get punishments by the police!

  3. He apparently kicked her off the bus to make her learn to ASK first before switching seats like that. AA Transportation fired him after he ADMITTED he kicked Cyrena off the bus because if a Disciplinary Problem, that he was trying to teach her to be GOOD.

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