Posted by: mylifeofcrime | August 29, 2008

Idiot of the Day: George Peahl who tried to sell a stolen vehicle while IN JAIL

This guy is indeed an idiot. First he is arrested for stealing cars by using a tow truck.

Officials say Peahl would approach an older-model car parked at a home, load it on his official-looking tow truck and then take it to a towing yard in American Fork where he forged the title and sold it for scrap.

Somewhat clever, I will give him that, but not bright. However, while in jail, he tried to sell a stolen car to his own brother, who was NOT that stupid. He wrote down the license plate number and called the police.

George Peahl is now facing at least 30 felonies threw his towing scheme.

Police: Man tried to sell stolen vehicle to bail out of jail
Utah County Jail Inmate Information (Yes, you see that right, he has 23 separate records, some with multiple charges! The one for this crime is date June 12, 2008 and has an A under status)
Man used tow truck to steal cars
Tow-truck driver accused of auto theft
Tow truck thief faces 30 felonies



  1. Well for your information his brother is just as stupid as he is. His brother has just as long criminal history in the retard business. They may not be in utah but they exsist. Also, Georges twin runs a company that hauls crushed vehicles, so who is to say that they werent all in it together? George did work for him at one time. Maybe his brother turned him in cause he was bummed out of some of the other cars that were crushed. Seems very strange to me. Its a mystery to me…….

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