Posted by: mylifeofcrime | July 29, 2008

What is wrong with these people? Woman tortured by her 2 roommates

  Antonio Medina   Stephanie Smith

What is wrong with these two, Antonio Media and Stephanie Smith? They tortured their roommate, who was presumably their friend too!

Logan police Capt. Eric Collins says, “She’d been punctured by darts, stabbed with scissors, a large butcher knife was used to cut some of her hair, she had long hair, and he was cutting chunks of hair off of her head.”

Collins says the assault went on for over an hour. The pair then bound the victim and had sex in front of her before forcing her into a car.

As the old saying goes, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

Woman tortured by boyfriend and another woman
Logan Police: Woman Tortured By Two Suspects



  1. I know this young man, and he is not capable of such a crime!! this women who is saying this is just wrong!!!! they all lived together, she was getting ready to get kicked to the curb, and got upset because Antonio wanted the other lady, come on think about it!!!! I say this because I know the truth!

  2. It would be very wrong to say these things if they were not at least partially true! Did the woman die? Was it by torture? Did she live with the people mentioned?

    Think again maybe, then when the courts decide, take the truth from them. Disregard blogs, papers, personal thougths.

  3. This is very true! They were not just roommates either! The woman they tortured was Anthonio’s girlfriend. Stephanie is the ex who was homeless until they let her stay with them. He repeatedly beat that poor woman, countless times. She was terrified of him, and what he might do if she left him. He threatened to kill her if she ever thought about leaving him. If you seriously think that he is any way a good person…then you yourself needs your head examined! Your intimidations and threats to witnesses will not work…the truth has come out and no one believe your Antonio or Stephanie!

  4. And it is disgraceful that he is named after such a wonderful, kind and HONEST man. Read up on YOUR history….Jose’ Antonio Medina…a great man whose name you have shamed!

  5. To Pamela ‘Medina’, hmmm….must be family!!! Well The lady that this happen to is a very good friend of mine, I saw the pictures of her after the fact, and these are bruises and welts and slashes that one human being could not afflict upon them selves!! You must very uneducated to believe that this POS is inocent!!!! Let him fight a man, see if he gets away with what he did with her! And she is young mother and has always got along with others and i have never known her to have issues like this! That POS should burn in hell for what he did to her!! And the little 18 yr old…does she honestly believe that he had feelings for her?? They will both pay, in the worse way, Prison aint S#@%, when god comes to them, they will pay!! She will get through, for I know personally that she is strong, but I definetly know they will have a hard time where they are going!! So think again Pamela! Family or not, condoning what he did makes you a very, very sick minded person!

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