Posted by: mylifeofcrime | December 13, 2007

My Top Vocalists in Rock and Roll

OK, remember, this is MY list and MY opinions. And I could not limit it to 10.

1. Robert Plant – Lead singer of the greatest band ever. ‘Nuff said.
Favorite Song: Kashmir

2. Klaus Meine – I just love his voice. The Scorpions are one of my all time favorites. I have seen them in concert several times. They are such a great concert band. They know how to deliver.
Favorite Song: No One Like You, You & I,  and The Zoo.

3. Geoff Tate – Lead singer for the band of Queensryche. WOW! What a voice. Powerful, emotive, intelligent. He is part of the reason that Operation: Mindcrime is one of my top all-time albums. He is as good today (if not better) as when Operation: Mindcrime was originally recorded.
Favorite Song: ALL of Operation: Mindcrime, especially Suite Sister Mary

4. Layne Staley – Passionate is a good word to describe the late Layne Staley. He put so much emotion in his vocals. We lost a great talent so early in his life. To really hear him, listen to Alice in Blunderland. Great live album.
Favorite Song: Would? and Grind (to be honest, my favorite song by AIC changes a lot!)

5. Sebastian Bach – Powerful voice. Like no other. Listen to Quicksand Jesus.
Favorite Song: Quicksand Jesus

6. Jeff Keith – What a great voice! Alot of strength and passion for what he is doing. To hear the emotion he puts into a song, listen to Song and Emotion about the late Steve Clark.
Favorite Song: Changes and Caught Up In A Dream

7. Eddie Vedder – Here is another one that I just plain like his voice. His lyrics are very inspiring and have something to say. He cares about his fans and shows it!
Favorite Song: Black and Evenflow

8. Chris Cornell – He was the lead singer/frontman for Audioslave and Soundgarden. What great bands! And what a voice.
Favorite Songs: Rusty Cage and Show Me How To Live

9. Scott Weiland – Another one I just like his voice. Very gritty.
Favorite Songs: Slither and Interstate Love Song

10. Axl W. Rose – I love to listen to him. He has such range and power. And boy can he move.
Favorite Song:  You Could Have Been Mine, Yesterdays and Welcome to the Jungle. I also love Better.

11. Don Dokken – Such passion and emotion! I can listen to him for hours. He is especially strong with his ballads, but can rock with anyone!
Favorite Song: Heaven Sent

12. Maynard Keenan – lead singer of Tool – very engimatic performer but with such strong, powerful vocals.
Favorite Songs: Vicarious, Sober, and of course, The Three Little Pigs!

Jon Bon Jovi – I have liked him since like 1986, in his long hair days. And I still love to hear him sing. Like Don Dokken, he can rock and he can sing a ballad that will melt your heart.
Favorite Songs: Always, Blaze of Glory, Only Lonely


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