Posted by: mylifeofcrime | November 24, 2006

Kimberly Turney’s body has been found

Sadly, Kimberly Turney’s body was found yesterday, Thanksgiving. However, it was under some strange circumstances. The area where she was found, had been searched several time, and as recently as an hour before. She was found by her cousin, Jeremy. When her body was found, she was very badly beaten, from head to to, covered in bruises. However, since cause of death is not yet known, it is not being classified as a homicide. I am not sure when the autopsy will be, but my guess is that it will then be classified as a homicide. I did read and hear that the police are watching the home of the ex-boyfriend (who she had filed several restraining orders against). It is not known if they are doing this to watch him as a suspect or to make sure that no one goes after him. Both very vaild thoughts.

Right now, my heart goes out to Kim’s friends and family, especially her 2 young sons. I hope they find peace in their lives adn can remember her with all the love in the world.

Missing Woman’s Body Found Near Vernal
Body of Missing Woman Found
Kim Turney’s body found in Uintah County
Body of missing Jensen woman is found



  1. first of all i know this was a a few years ago but the body of kim turney was not badly beaten and there were no bruises from head to toe why would people say these things it is crazy i am related to kim and the story got way out of control it was never ruled a homicide and personally i am related to jeremy to and he was so messed up on whatever he could get his hands on at the time that he thought he looked in that spot and her ex had nothing to do with it period

    • You are correct that it was not ruled a homicide. However, that does not explain how her body got where it was found when that exact same spot had been searched just an hour before. That makes it still a mystery.

      And saying that Jeremy took all kinds of drugs after this does not make it any better. In fact, to me, it makes him appear worse. And nothing you can say will now change that for me. In fact, to me, it is very suspicious.

    • this is to “lucky charm” it pretty sad that when you look up your sisters name and you are brought to this site where someone is talking shit about her ….. don’t talk shit you don’t know im sorry but you are not her family and you don’t know what happened you did not see her body you never saw the black eyes the scraps and bruises how badly she was beaten you never saw what david had done to her nobody honestly knows if he killed her or not nobody will ever know …. and yes jeremy is a fuck up he always has been if you know this family and are part of it you would also know that if you went to the funeral you would know it was closed casket becuase of the fact she was so beaten and bruised don’t talk shit if you were part of this family or cared about any of us you wouldn’t have been talking shit here either way she is gone theres nothing no one can do if any of you have a problem talk shit to me don’t leave it here

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